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A large date with a subtle sweetness, perfect for any occasion.

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The origins of the Tabarzal date palm are unclear, but under pioneer date growers M. R. Sheets and then Jess Wise, the Tabarzal palms were developed in groves near Mecca, California in the first half of the past century. Before commercial production of the Medjool dates in the 1960's, the Tabarzal was one of the largest dates grown in the Coachella Valley of California. It was featured at historic Valery Jean's Date Shop on old Hwy. 99 (a couple of miles from our home and farm).

Pato's Dream Date Gardens purchased and planted 5 offshoots from the original grove in 1980, and offers our premium fruit of this heirloom variety by mail order and at the Alhambra Farmers' Market on Sundays. Our 6 -lb. "bargain boxes" may have smaller sized fruit and dryer fruit.. New crop, 10/12/2020, of young palms, nice fruit, mostly premiums included with smaller sizes, medium firm... about 30 lbs. remaining in stock, 10/25/2020

The 2020 crop is softer and medium soft, premiums about 25-28 to the pound, with a caramel like flavor, not quite as over-powering as the sweetness of the medjool, but with a very rich and satisfying flavor. One customer uses the drier fruit in a delicious date/ coconut macaroon cookie. The original groves of the Tabarzal palms in Mecca are now gone, and Pato's is the only commercial source for this unique, heirloom variety.

    Pato's Dream Date Gardens is a 5-acre farm located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We do not use any fumigants or sulfur on our soil or our fruit. We sell our fruit direct from the palm to you - no "washing" or steaming or rehydrating them to puff them up; no processing of any kind - a completely natural fruit.