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Our largest and sweetest variety, excellent for gifts and special occasions.

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The Medjool date is a Queen among dates, one of the largest (2-3 bites, 17-20 to the pound), and one of the sweetest of all our fruit... Medjools also have a softer texture than most. Easy to prepare, a plate of halved dates stuffed with a nut or cream cheese makes an elegant addition to the desert table.

Our 2019 harvest began 9/22/, with quite a bit still unripe, for a later second pick . Our 2-lb. boxes will have softer and medium fruit, premium sizes, 16-18 to the pound; our 6- lb. and 15-lb. bargain boxes have firmer fruit, smaller sizes, (21-25 dates to the pound) best buy for baking and uses in cooking and snacking. Sorting and packing, ....will post as available... 10/8, packing firmer fruit in 6-pound boxes, still on the soft side...10/11..10/22, between pickings, second picking due harvest, about 400 pounds, 10/24...11/10 farmers' market in Alhambra, sorting, more firmer fruit...12/8, final market in Alhambra, down to last few dozen pounds of 2019 crop... Of 3,000 varieties of dates grown world-wide, Medjools are one of the most desirable, because of large size, soft fruit texture, flavor, and beauty.

All medjool palms in the U.S. originate from a single palm from the Bou Denib oasis of the Tafilalet area of Morocco. The variety had become famous in Europe by the 17th Century, but Bayoud disease, caused by a soil fungus, wiped out most of these palms in their native land during the late 19th Century. Walter Swingle of Indio found the disease-free palm on a visit to Bou Denib in 1927, and purchased 11 off-shoots, which the USDA had fumigated and planted in quarantine in Nevada until 1936, by which time 73 shoots (granddaughters of the original palm) were deemed disease free. We began planting our Medjool offshoots in 1987, organically grown since then..

    Pato's Dream Date Gardens is a 5-acre farm located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We do not use any fumigants or sulfur on our soil or our fruit. We sell our fruit direct from the palm to you - no "washing" or steaming or rehydrating them to puff them up; no processing of any kind - a completely natural fruit.