Khalal Fresh Dates (Crunchy)

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We pick these dates in the Khalal stage, yellow and cruchy like an apple, ripening and softening to a honey-like sweetness. Free shipping.

 Barhi - 10 lb. strands$82.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Mariana 10 lb. strands$70.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Barhi: 5 lb. strands$50.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Mariana: 5 lb. bunch$45.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Barhi: fully ripened$42.00 Sorry, out of stock.

Khalal dates are still crunchy, like an apple. They then further ripen into the soft (rutab) stage, and then later to the drier, chewy stage we offer in 2/lb boxes. We offer a Mariana (bright yellow) available in August; and Barhis (yellow), in September. The flavor can be on the tart side, pucker your mouth like a persimmon, unless picked very close to ripening, when it becomes a unique and special sweetness. Most will continue to ripen into the softer stage, a melt-in-your mouth, honey-like sweetness. We ship within hours of picking, a 5-lb. or 10-lb. box on strands you can hang in your kitchen,porch, or sukkah, to pluck at and eat, direct from the palm... Certified organic , produced by members of the United Farm Workers. Picking, shipping usually Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid shipped being fruit held up over the weekend.

BARHI dates, originally from the Iran/Iraq area, Basra and Khoramshah, are nicknamed "honey balls" for the round shape and liquid honey-like texture and flavor in the rutab stage. Barhis are the premium date in the Middle East eaten in the khalaal stage, with a unique "pucker/sweet" combination. The blush is turning from green to yellow, first fruit showing brown tips on our palms. First pick estimated 9/1/2020. Final pick, 9/14, sorry, sold out until August, 2021.

MARINAS, our first dates to ripen each summer, are a locally (California) developed variety, quite sweet in the khalal stage, maturing into a buttery sweet flavor in the rutab stage. Final pick 8/25, ripening quickly. Fully ripened Marianas listed with Halawis.

    Pato's Dream Date Gardens is a 5-acre farm located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We do not use any fumigants or sulfur on our soil or our fruit. We sell our fruit direct from the palm to you - no "washing" or steaming or rehydrating them to puff them up; no processing of any kind - a completely natural fruit.