Halawi Dates

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A smaller semi-soft date rich in flavor and ideal for snacking and cooking.

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Halawi (Halawy) means "sweet" in Arabic, and these are some of the first mature (tamar) dates we pick in September. They have an amber color, with a flavor reminiscent of a caramel, our personal favorite. Great as is, or dabbed in cream cheese, yogurt, or sour cream. Halawis also have a superb flavor for cooking.

Our palms are descended from a palm on the property when we bought it in 1977. That palm is probably descended from palms imported from southern Iraq, then in the Ottoman Empire, to Callifornia by Paul Popenoe in 1913. The fruit keeps well when stored in a cool, dry area, and of course in the fridge or freezer. *Our Seedling Halawi (which we call "Mariana) is similar to a true halawi. We sell most of these in the khalal stage when they begin to ripen in August. New crop, Mostly medium size, soft and medium firm, lots of premium in bargain boxes. First pick of fully ripened (Tamar) fruit, 9/28/2020, about 50 to the pound, medium soft. Final pick, 10/31/2020, chewy. pocket candies PAUSE IN SHIPPING until after the election. First pick of the true Halawi , 10/18/2020,medium firm, and softer, like little caramel, great for pocket food, hiking, biking, for the car or a desk at school or work. Many premium fruit, (we are mixing premium fruit with our bargain fruit, a single grade, for 2020, at the bargain price)... Our halawis have won many first prize blue ribbons at the National Date Festival in Indio. RAW FOODS/ fruit never frozen, available in the bargain boxes, during harvest season, September and October.

    Pato's Dream Date Gardens is a 5-acre farm located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We do not use any fumigants or sulfur on our soil or our fruit. We sell our fruit direct from the palm to you - no "washing" or steaming or rehydrating them to puff them up; no processing of any kind - a completely natural fruit.